Board :Carnage Schedule
Author :Head host Drywater
Subject :Applications Open
Date :3/20
<b>                     Carnage Application
          Send your completed application to CarnyApp

Which division interests you?
Your other characters: (failing to disclose upfront will result in application rejection)
Have you ever been a host/trainee on any character?:

1. Tell me which days & times you're available in Eastern Time:
( N = No, not available; Y = Yes, available to host)

      2am    Noon     6pm     8pm     10pm    MIDN    
Mo:     N       N       N       N       N       N      
Tu:     N       N       N       N       N       N      
We:     N       N       N       N       N       N        
Th:     N       N       N       N       N       N        
Fr:     N       N       N       N       N       N        
Sa:     N       N       N       N       N       N        
Su:     N       N       N       N       N       N        

2. What are two specific time slots you would be available to host each week (for instance, "I can always be here to do 6PM on Tue and 10PM on Wed"):

3. Describe the role of a carnage host and, if hired, what your goals would be as a new carnage host: