Board :Carnage Schedule
Author :Head host Drywater
Subject :New: Riches Prize
Date :5/11
We're very pleased to announce a new Carnage of Riches prize option.

We've long dreamt of earning relevant experience from PvP events. And now we'll have it. Win a Ancients+ Riches carnage and earn 1,000,000,000 experience.

Carnage of Riches PvP events are about risking considerable gold in battle for a valuable prize. And while 12 years ago Charms, Bloods, Surges, and Spikes might have sold between $80-120k, today their worth barely covers the event entrance fee.

The Carnage of Riches risk/reward scheme has only been updated few times during those 12+ years: Minor-quest-like win/lose experience, karma (Feb. 2003), unique Il san weapons (Oct. 2003), etc. But now, finally, the experience prize we want and need.

With every change made to Carnages we hope to improve Nexus, grow its player-base, and make organized PvP more enjoyable. We also hope that lower-level 99 players finding it difficult to organize hunting groups will be bolstered by the new prize as they march to Il-san, and thus continue playing Nexus.

<b>Please thank your Carnage Hosts for making this possible.

-Carnage Staff