Board :Carnage Schedule
Author :Head host Drywater
Subject :'Striped Candies' Prohibited
Date :6/11
<b>As of 6/11/16:
Use of spell casting 'striped candies', such as Striped green candy, Striped red candy, etc, is prohibited.

Please note, the implementation for this change was planned and requested several months ago but has not yet been added to Nexus. So while the items are not yet blocked from use (by programming) in Carnages, the rule will be implemented now: The use of spell casting 'striped candies', such as Striped green candy, etc, are now prohibited.

Such items have historically been distributed during seasonal events. And while Carnage has allowed for the limited use of similar 'cakes', 'chocolates', and other seasonal event items, it has only done so because those items have been truly seasonal: When the event ends, the associated items disappear too.

In this case we are having to put the 'striped candy' items away ourselves, so to speak. Further, despite many not being able to account for their recent mass resurgence, please note that every effort has been made by the Carnage staff inquiring how such 'striped candies', among rare other items, have found such liberal use.

Drywater, Head Carnage Host