Board :Carnage Schedule
Author :Head host Drywater
Subject :Carnage Rules
Date :11/5
You must agree before entering any carnage event that you know and understand these rules.

<b>General Rules

Volunteers known as Carnage hosts are here to serve and instruct you. As with all volunteers, treat hosts with respect and thank them often. Hosts are referees, meaning their instructions and decisions are final. Be sure you have Sage enabled (F6) so you may receive instructions from hosts. Any attempt to interfere with a host (i.e.: Shouting "FIGHT" or by causing disruptions) or failing to follow host instructions will result in removal / carnage banishment.

You must be present to receive a prize, and you may only win a prize from an event in which you legitimately entered and played. If you leave a carnage event (whether accidental or deliberate) you may not return as Carnage hosts are not allowed to re-open carnage doors after a carnage event has started.

You may not leave any carnage event currently in progress to attend another. Entering a carnage event means you have committed yourself to playing to the best of your ability for the duration of the event. Leaving early or logging on another character will result in carnage banishment.

<b>Gameplay Rules

You may not begin playing until a host starts a round. Hosts use Yellow scrolls as markers to indicate where your team is supposed to wait before starting a round. Moving or bypassing these markers is prohibited.

Camping to avoid fighting or to shield your team from attacks is prohibited. Additionally, you are not allowed to block a team mate on all sides (i.e.: by standing still) so said team mate cannot move or be attacked.

As a player you are expected to participate at all times. This means refusing to participate, camping in a corner, logging off to avoid death, or going AFK will result in removal / carnage banishment. You will likewise be punished for attacking your team mates or for aiding an opposing team.

Some carnage events have special themes in which certain gameplay rules change. A list of common event themes can be found on the Carnage Schedule board.

<b>Spell & Item Rules

The following spells/items are prohibited:
-Any spell/item used to summon pets
-Any spell/item that causes a dead player to become alive again
-Any spell/item that 'steals' mana from another player (i.e.: Inspiration)
-Any spell/item that causes a pop-up box (i.e.: Karma reading)
-Any spell/item used to clone an invisible player or a player from the opposite team
-Sleep arrows; Onyon (Spy)

You may not lose vita or mana to play in the following leagues with the following spells/items/marks:
-Ancients: Il/Ee/Sam/Sa+ spells/items/marks are prohibited
-Avatars: Ee/Sam/Sa+ spells/items/marks are prohibited
-Celestial: Sa+ spells/items/marks are prohibited

<b>Conditional Spell & Item Rules

-Pit Trap (Ranger spell) is not allowed in sub 99 carnages
-Push (Barbarian spell) is not allowed during circle matches
-Any spell/item used to summon creatures may only be used if you are the last player alive on your team (i.e.: CotW)

<b>Circle Match Rules

If no progress is being made by either team (i.e. teams are not fighting each other), a host will issue a 2 minute circle warning. If no deaths have occurred at the end of those 2 minutes, all remaining players will enter an enclosed circle (roughly an 8x8 square) to finish the match.

If a player steps out of the circle they are disqualified from the round. Rogues ambushing outside the circle must be able to immediately walk back into the circle to not be disqualified from the round. Likewise, players using jumping or leaping spells must be able to walk or ambush immediately back into the circle to not be disqualified from the round.

Push (Barbarian spell) is not allowed during circle matches.

Circle matches are timed to last a maximum of 10 minutes. If opposing teams still have players alive at the end of those 10 minutes, the team with the most remaining players wins the round