Board :Carnage Schedule
Author :Host Nobu
Subject :-= Elixir Rules I =-
Date :5/25
<b>Elixir War Guide

<b>Entry fee - 500c

<b>Prizes - Dye potions (Summer, Autumn, Winter,
        Ancient, Blood, Earth, Ruby, Sea), and Long
        sheath (Arrows)

<b>Location - Nagnang arena (73, 103)
          (Center door at the top of arena)

Elixir war is a game similar to capture the flag.  There are two teams.  Red and blue.  Red is situated on the north west side of the map.  Blue is on the southeast side of the map.

The object is for each team to get into the opposing teams base and retrieve the potion from that side.  The person with the potion must then go to the center npc, hand it an acorn and receive the elixir trophy.

At the time of receiving the elixir trophy, stand in the middle of the Arena (where the npc is located) and wait until the Hosts sort the players.


- You must have at least one acorn on you at all times!  They can be bought from the npc.
- You may shoot your arrows at the other team.  When you hit them, they turn another color.  If they move, they are 'dead'.  Being hit by their own team can revive them.
- You have a limited number of arrows each round.  Do not waste them.
- If multiple people receive a trophy, the first yell will win.

The number of rounds to be played will be determined by the host at the start.  The winning team will be given a prize.

<b>Rules for Elixir War Matches:

1) Do as a host says, or be kicked.  Elixir wars are often VERY stressful for hosts, and we can tend to happily remove any problems.

2) You kill or hit anyone, then you're out.  Period.  No one is to be struck in the elixir arena with anything that is not either Blue's Sheath, or Red's sheath.  I don't care if he is your friend or if he hit you first! Do NOT hit! Whisper an Elixir host if there's a problem.

3) Often, each team will not muster the same number of players to play a match.  If not, the host will adjust teams accordingly to give each team equal numbers of players.  We do not care how dedicated you are to your team or subpath, we are here to have fun.  It isn't fun for those who are outnumbered, and it gives a much better match if teams are even.  Do not complain if you get switched to the other team.  Complain too much, and you'll simply be removed, and someone more accommodating will be switched.

4) First, if you are on the red team, your arrows will dye Ruby.  If you are dyed Ruby, it is safe to move.  If you are dyed Sea, it is not safe to move.  Alternatively, if you are on the blue team, your arrows will dye Sea.  If you are dyed Sea, it is safe to move.  If you are dyed Ruby, it is not safe to move.  In short, if you're dyed your team's color, it's safe.

5) Abbreviated instructions on how to win an elixir:  Buy an acorn.  Have 3 open slots in your inventory AFTER buying that acorn.  Enter arena, equip bow, shoot the other team, and anyone dyed the darker version of your color.  Go to enemy's base in opposite corner to get their elixir.  Go to the npc in the center, hand him the acorn.  Stand in middle with the Elixir Trophy.

6) Don't waste arrows.  

7) You may not be on your own color's base.  You may not camp.  You MAY defend the area around your base, but you may not be stationary.  You must patrol the area.  This means taking a step at LEAST every FIVE seconds.  The only exception is if you have been dyed.

8) If for some reason barriers are not up when you enter the arena, DO NOT walk to the far sides of the sidelines.  Doing so can cause a very lengthy delay in the elixir war.

9) Do not hit Control-r if you have been dyed by the other team. Doing so will send you to the sidelines, just as if you had moved.

10) Do not block the center NPC.  There is a square around it.  ONLY step on the square if you have an elixir potion.