Board :Carnage Schedule
Author :Host Nobu
Subject :-= Elixir Themes =-
Date :5/25

<b> Elixir Themes

Some elixirs may have a theme. A host will post prior to
an elixir if they will be having a theme. This post will
go over the type of themes.

<b> King Of the Hill (KoH)

A team will be require to gather TWO trophy win yowls to
win the match.

<b> Celebrities

The host will pick ONE person as a celebrity. If that
person is taken out, that team will lose. The job of the
celebrity is to win the round for their team. They are the
ONLY one that may turn in a trophy. This does not mean
others cannot get one, but they are the only one that can
turn in the trophy to the NPC in the middle.

<b> Captains

Captains is the most common theme. A host will sage for
two captains. Of the people that whisper the host stating
that they wish to be a captain, the host will pick from
the batch two suitable captains that can captain against
each other. Those two players will then pick their teams.

<b> Sweep

Sweep is a very simple concept. If one team sweeps the
other team, the host will up the rounds. For example, if
the match set is 2/3, if the Blue team wins Round 1 and
Round 2, they would have swept the other team. The host
will then change it from a 2/3 match to a 3/5 match to
give red an extra chance to come back and win!

<b> Regular
The elixir has no theme. Just one trophy to win, up to
anyone to be able to grab.

These are the themes most commonly used in elixir. As
more themes are added this post will be updated.

Elixir Department Head