Board :Carnage Schedule
Author :Head host snoop
Subject :--- Elixir Theme: SPEEDLIX ---
Date :4/8
This is a themed elixir.  This isnt a normal elixir, here's what's differnt..

     This elixir will be a speed lix, each round is only 90 seconds long.  So you have to rush it ? Play fast defense.    However it plays like KoH(unless stated other wise), a team needs 2 trophies per round to win the round. So no "lucky" team gets through that easy. In result of a time experation where no team gets a trophy, the round is a "re-do."    
<B>      The host will keep track of the time. dont ask!  
      Because each round is only 90 seconds long, we can do first team to THREE WINS pretty fast.  Hopefully this will Elliminate some/most camping and bring back that old adreniline rush when you're running for you life, or defending as fast as you can.

<B> ALL previous elixir rules apply!!    
    Armor shows 60%, defense moves every 5 seconds, never walk on your own base, and never walk on middle, unless you have the trophy.

                        ~ Wooderson ~