Board :Carnage Schedule
Author :Host theSavior
Subject :New: Riches Carnage Balanced Brackets
Date :2/28
As of 2/28/2020 the upper stat limit of the Carnages of Riches
brackets have been removed. Instead Riches Carnages will be
balanced based on mark, balancing any player who is over the
upper stat limit to the bracket's max stats.

The new participants able to enter each bracket are:

Ancients: ANY unmarked player
-Avatars: ANY Il san or unmarked player
-Celestial: ANY Sam san, Ee san, Il san, or unmarked player      
-Paramount: ANY player
-Mayhem: ANY player

And balanced stats for each bracket are:
-Ancients: 50k/25k
-Avatars: 160k/80k
-Celestial: 640k/320k
-Paramount: 1.28m/640k
-Mayhem: Uncapped

Currently in order to equip the balancers necessary you will
need to remove both subaccessories when entering the gate and
make sure you have at least 3 empty inventory slots. This will
apply the balancers for your bracket.

If you have any questions on which brackets you are eligible
for or any others related to this change please reach out to
any Riches teammember who will be able to help.

We hope you will enjoy the greater range of of participation
that this will provide!

- The Carnage Staff