Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Aeroth
Subject :(/\/olf Lore I
Date :4/1
Wolf of Southern Koguryo

   There have long been spirits and beings of great power within the lands, within our lore, within our history. Wolf's origins involve two such beings. The first, a powerful lady druid. Her origins are unknown. What is known is that for as long as she could remember she had been tasked with protecting the balance within a long forgotten ancient forest. Her task was a lonely one, but that loneliness was rarely felt. The animals, trees, and even the elements spoke to her. All forms of life natural to her forest knew they could trust her, and as such she was rarely truly alone. However there is a certain loneliness most humans cannot escape. Being social creatures the need to interact, to form bonds of companionship, and to feel connected to someone else, is a need that can drive humans insane. Granted long life by those entrusting the forest to her, our druidess lady would experience loneliness most humans cannot imagine, but also knowing her purpose and fulfilling it, she was in most ways complete. Some nights she would stare up at the night sky and wonder, would her loneliness ever truly go away?

   The second spirit was that of a celestial wolf. From the creation of the first world and the first wolf this spirit had existed. He was powerful, and the embodiment of every wolfish trait. If there was a perfect wolf, it was he. As a wolf he of course had his pack among the stars. At night brothers and sisters of similar species and his brethren all called to him. His role was to exist so that wolves could exist, nothing more, nothing less.  By existing he gave wolves instincts, a necessity to their survival. Yet there was one part of him that was not complete, one thing all wolves need, a mate, a companion, a partner. However, no wolf could match him, no spirit could be as alpha as he. He was perfect, THE wolf. And he was alone.

   One night, fate designed or not, as the druidess gazed up to night sky, the celestial wolf gazed back. While he was merely a twinkling star in her eye if anything, she was a vision of beauty, and of curiosity, to him. From that night on the celestial wolf would often watch the druidess in her tasks. He moved through the night sky, getting closer and closer. Some nights the druidess herself though she could see his star moving, not knowing of course that this star was some spirit. She'd watch the star, musing to herself about it's possible nature, somehow feeling less alone as she gazed upon it. Soon she too would spend her time watching the sky for her star, or so she came to call it. The two watched each other from afar, neither really understanding what the other was. While ancient, the wolf spirit had never taken an interest in humanity. Her actions interested him. To a wolf the forest was home, a home where everything save the bear and other wolves were potentially food. It was territory, territory to be protected against other predators. While the bear, fox, and wolf came to an understanding, the felines of the forests did not. Their instincts overruled all else, driving them to kill anything moving. But humans, humans usually lived in tents, staying only occasionally in the forests. Once they had found their way out, only few select tribes stayed in their ancient wild homes.