Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Aeroth
Subject :(/\/olf Lore II
Date :4/1
   It finally came about that the celestial wolf found himself directly over the sky of the druidess' forest. He found himself growing protective of the territory, watching it's borders. The druidess had noticed that her star had stopped moving. It was odd, but for some reason that thought pained her heart a bit. A tear formed on her cheek, loneliness taking hold for a moment. From the sky, the wolf spirit too felt sorrow. Realizing he had left his pack behind, far in the night sky, the wolf spirit did all he could think of to do. He fell. Through the sky his star shot, brilliantly burning. The druidess had fallen asleep, but was awoken by the sounds of treetops breaking. The celestial wolf fell, crashing and burning through trees, until the ground broke his fall. Smoke engulfed his landing point, and he struggled to his feet.

   The druidess hurried to the location of the crash. While she would not put out a fire from natural causes, she could not help but be drawn to the site of such a rare event, in her woods no less. As she hurried she looked up to the sky, and noticed her star was no longer there. She gulped, holding back a moment of panic, but then her mind refocused on the fallen star ahead. She worked her way into a small clearing created by the stars fall, and watched as the smoke faded. From within the smoke a silhouette formed, first in the form of a giant beast, but then it became smaller and smaller, until some sort of man stepped forth from the smoke. He was large of chest, arm, and thigh. A bushy tail covered in fur swayed behind him as he continued to walk forth. Ears sat high on his head, and turned in all directions as he listened. Golden, wild eyes looked upon everything as if seeing it for the first time. Midnight blue hair, ruffled and chaotic, fell from his head at shoulder length. His lips split displaying two very large canine teeth as he smiled. As the druidess took in this being before her, he also observed her as if for the first time. His new corporeal eyes took in her beautiful wavy auburn hair. Leaves seemed to sprout forth from all over within her hair, and he wondered if they'd turn colors with the seasons. A few flowers also sat in her hair. Her skin was as pale as moonlight, and her skin lightly freckled with the sun's kisses. She wore a gown that seemed alive itself, swaying with the whispering of the elements. She carried long staff covered in moss and colorful fungi. Her eyes changed colors with every step he took.

    The two stood there for quite some time taking in each other. Something about the way the wolfish man moved seemed familiar to her. Finally the man approached, and embraced the druidess. She had spent so long communing with nature that she understood his body language, realizing he was speaking with the language of the wolves. He was saying "I'm yours, be my mate" in the unshy way only a wolf can speak. For some reason she found herself agreeing, knowing just as he knew that they were meant to be together. The wolfish man's eyes flashed and as a grin split his face he lifted his head to the night sky, letting forth a loud, beautiful, triumphant howl. The druidess smiled too, and tilted her head up, joining him in his howl. Unknown to the pair this howl echoed throughout the lands, calling to wolf, human, and other kindred spirits, calling them to her forest her land, carrying the promise of something that each was missing.

That howl was the howl that started it all, and still to this day Wolf members hold our heads high and cry out, searching for those who would join us.

-Scribed by Aeroth, the Wolven