Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Amatus
Subject :|{ Report: Defense from Malgals
Date :3/25
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          /     \ \     @\\/W\/\/W\//@   (_/_/    
         |   `> \-`     \\/^\/\/^\//     / /`)
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           `    \ \.__________________./ /
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                      \<>   |\|/|   <>/        
                      `\<> |/ \| <>/'        

<b>  From the desk of General Amatus, Koguryo Royal Army:

It is with dire tidings I must report on a crisis that occurred yesterday within the three kingdoms.

After an ominous message posted on Chronicles of the Winds from Koohwen, aka K'en Seong-gye, assumed "Sage of the United Manchurian tribes," threatening that unless citizens are removed from the Malgalod lands, "Your rivers will run red with the blood of your children." She followed up with similar threats in world shout throughout the day.

By the early evening, forces of Malgal footmen, guards, shaman and even warlords marched through the border and appeared at south gate Buya, being heralded in shouts by Koohwen. At first some citizens chose to fight among themselves. But once the real enemy was established a good number of citizens elected to fight against the Malgals, as well as Koohwen if she appeared.

Queen Lasahn and Prince Daeso themselves took up arms alongside a number of brave citizens as soon as word had reached them that Buya was being attacked. General Tradita, Colonel Supreme and others of Buya Imperial Army also arrived on the scene to escort their Queen and Prince and offer their weapons and fighting prowess against the Malgals.

Another phase of the attack occurred when Koohwen teased Nagnang about defending their city. Soon enough Malgal forces similarly appeared at east gate Nagnang. This time the citizens gathered to defend it had a hard time moving around with the limited space to fight. However it was easy to corner some of the warlords in particular, as well as Koohwen. Naturally General Ferro, Sage Wildhair, and a few Royal Guards of Nagnang took up arms and spells to do their part in defending.

When the invasion was halted in Nagnang, the Malgals inevitably chose Kugnae as their next and final target of the night. At this time Queen Yun appeared and was protected by myself, Major Choji, Prime Minister Loxie and other loyal Koguryians while the battle commenced at south gate. I took opportunities to strike down any Malgals that got too close to the Queen. This incursion lasted about the same time as in Buya and Nagnang.

 In the end Koohwen said that the "blood debt was paid" but this was only the beginning of such attacks. It certainly seems she is inclined to retaliate for any harm that comes to the Malgals as long as she claims to be the Sage uniting them. However Queen Yun ordered Koohwen be captured before she could retreat, and at that point Koguryo Royal Army placed her under arrest and took her to the palace prison where she now resides.

The battle all happened very quickly and I am not able to give everyone the credit they deserve for taking part in it. But I will say the response from the community was extraordinary, and much valor was seen. I must commend those with whom I grouped, including Sarphendon, Spiri, SubChess, theSavior, Bond, Jisong, Quav, Rubi and Tyania, for lending their power and skills.

There will be an interrogation of Koohwen led by an exclusive detail of agents who will use their own discretion. This will eventually be followed by a former trial, of which I'm certain Buya and Nagnang will also wish to take part. When an agreement is reached, details of the trials will be chronicled by the appropriate parties.

<b>~General Amatus
<b>~Hyul 89, 3rd Moon