Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Amatus
Subject :|{ A Desk Occupied At Dusk
Date :8/17
 General of KRA stares wearily upon one of many parchments
 on the desk in his quarters. They are all neatly stacked,
 with paperweights marking their order and significance.
 To his left are recent march and patrol reports; to his
 right are similarly half-written letters to dignitaries.
 Before him are scrawled notes that lay before parchments
 that presently occupy his attention. He slowly motions
 his index finger an inch above a particular passage on
 a magical parchment, then lets it drift toward another
 part. The language is quite unfamiliar to him, and every
 effort to translate it leaves him wracked with confusion.

<b>     "Only a full blood could make out what they say,"
 the words of K'en echo in his mind, just as they had down
 in the Well when he faced her merely a week ago. It was a
 mocking answer about the texts the General and several
 aids to the Chongunate had recovered on a recent mission
 to Malgalod. Indeed, it appears they were all written
 in an ancient language known only to the Manchu people.
 Yet there are engravings and arrangements of the texts
 that suggest there were at one point four unique relics
 in their possession. These were well identified by K'en
 during the questioning down in the Well, and now they are
 crudely labeled with the following in names in his notes:
<b>  Chintamani Stone, Hand of Glory, Book of Thoth, Gandiva.

 "Time is running out," General Amatus mutters to himself.
 The Hearing would be held only a few doors down, at the
 Royal Court. But who besides K'en would be willing to
 help him translate the texts? Perhaps neighborly Monks
 could meditate with him on the matter, or a scribe of the
 Divine Order could impart knowledge of the old language.

 In any case, he should no longer bear this burden alone.