Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Astrael
Subject :Archaeology
Date :7/8

These past few days, I have found myself purveying the archives and libraries of history throughout the kingdoms. I browse in search of traces of the heritage of Bear, in the centuries before we were reunited in the modern era by Vanion and Madog.

While it is difficult to seperate historical truth from myth in days so far gone, I have reason to believe that the creation myths of Tangun - the son of a divine being and a female bear given human form, who founded ancient Choson - are allegorical to the integration of two prehistorical tribes.  One of these tribes worshipped the Sky, while our distant ancestors worshipped the Bear.

It was in these passages that I found reference to a set of ceremonial relics once held as the pride of the ancient Choson kingdom.  The circumstances surrounding the dissolution of the Choson priesthood are murky, but I have reason to believe that these once legendary artifacts lie still within these lands, waiting to be uncovered.  However, while there are scant clues in the text, geographical references are obscure and unhelpful due to the differences in our modern cartography.

It is under this pretense that I come to seek the I-ching.  If these relics are to be recovered, the key to finding them must be within our grasp.  If fate smiles, the I-ching may provide some insight into the next step of our search.  I will keep those who maintain an interest informed as our investigation unfolds.

- Astrael,
Primogen of Bear.