Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :AzNCloudBoi
Subject :True Wealth
Date :2/11

When people speak about wealth, they think about money, gold and riches. Wealth can be defined differently to people though and I will tell you why.

- Rich people can have all the gold in the world and still not be happy.
- Poor people can have nothing in the world and be the happiest person alive.

What really brings me wealth in my life is the ability to help others in need. It is not the money that fills my pockets, but the reactions and happiness that I see from people in need. At times when people are at their darkest, I am there to be their light and guide them. The light in their eyes shine into my soul. Even if the help is small, I still try my best to bring happiness into their hearts. I do believe that helping them will trigger a series of events and bring kindness into their hearts. In a world filled with hate, sorrow, and despair, a small spark of hope is all it needs to ignite a chain of happiness.

So heed my words and go out there and do good. I found happiness and true wealth in my heart. I do hope you will look past the gold and riches to find something meaningful to call wealth.