Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :AzNCloudBoi
Subject :A Pirate for a day
Date :11/1

Arg matey ~

Just yesterday, I was given a task by a muse, ToxicK, to host an event as a pirate. This was a really interesting task, because I was planning to host a -barbarian- event. So I had to be a bit creative when it came to incorporating both ideals together.

First off, to be a pirate; you have to dress up as one. Looking into my bank of glories, I have found a blue pirate coat, shoes, and even a blue bay cape. These were from past events and I found it just fitting to bring it out for this occasion. Sadly, I coud not find any pirate pets to go with the them. Maybe I will invest into a pirate or monkey in the future.

The most common event that I usually host for the horde is "Last Man Alive." It is an event where players stand in a ring and fight to the death. This doesn't seem very "pirate"-like. So I had to switch it up and get creative. The ring was now the ship and all the participants were the "sailors" so to speak.

It wasn't long til the participants understood that we were having a "pirate" themed last man alive. I continued to act and speak like a pirate. Using such common phrases like "matey,"lass," "black spot," "ahoy," "scallywag," and "davy jones locker." Having to keep the persona up was very difficult, because we even had some nuisances players causing issues during the event, but I'd like to say I kept it up as long as I could.

All in all, I would say it was a great day to act like a pirate. It creates a new theme and breaks away from traditional monotonous events. Hopefully the pirates will attack the kingdoms again so we can get some booty.