Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :AzNCloudBoi
Subject :Spirit of an Raven
Date :11/3

Recently, I have contacted the druids about understanding my spirit animal. Some would say I would resemble a sheep and horse by looking at my chosen path, but I would beg to differ. I belive my spirit animal resembles closer to a raven.

The raven is a strong representation of magic and intelligence. As many can tell, I follow the path of the axe. Though I may use my axe with great power and skill, I do know some magic that fuels my passion for battle. The blade arts and secret skills all relate to a kind of magic. It isn't always about fire and dark spells.

Let's talk about intelligence. Many scholars that were great fighters and general were very intelligent at what they did. They were not only good with a weapon, but with their mind as well. Intelligence is very important in battle and can be used to your advantage of you know more and can outsmart the enemy. Intelligence is what kept me alive til today.