Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Blight
Subject :Circumstance, Decision and Change
Date :6/24
Circumstance and decison

Many were surprised that I had turned myself in.  This was voluntary with no coercion.  Why turn myself in?  Why pledge loyaty to King ChaeRi?  

Kija was young and inexperienced in the ways of the world when he started to rule. I did feel betrayed by by Kija when the borders were opened and I suspected that the Northern Kingdoms were killing Nagnang citizens.  I allied myself with the Sonhi against Buya and Koguryo and received no help from Prince Kija at the time.   Then was betrayed by Sonhi. A just saw Prince Kija was incompetent and I took over protecting the Nagnang people.  I was General by my own hand.  Through Kija's leadership he formed a new Army to stop the magically empowered Johaith.  Nagnang was almost defeated.  Citizen's minds were corrupted and many were slain by the thousands, thus the land of the dead.  

ChaeRi, after Kija's older bother was killed was made regent. I used torture to make Hawkmori talk.  We found out who really killed Kija.  I felt proud of my accomplishment.  Then General Donjuan confronted me and instead of listening I attacked the General during Tribunal. Then basically this turned into a bar fight.   Prince ChaeRi did not make Hawkmori talk, I did!  I was sure ChaeRi would be weak like his brother and yes I admit I was part of the Resistance to remove Prince ChaeRi.  After the discovery of my work in the Resistance I could not live in the Kingdom no more.  I was a fugitive.  

Some felt I was a hero some hated me.  Thus there was division in the Kingdom.  My clan, The Forsaken, the ones that fought with me were also betrayed by Kija.  Because if this The Forsaken can never be peace for with ChaeRi.  This is because of me.  In reality because of this I had forsaken The forsaken.  Though my love was for them and Nagnang.  

I observed ChaeRi from afar.  He ruled wisely in spite of the rip in the fabric of Nagnang.  Some of this rip was my doing.  As I got older and hopefully wiser I can count the errors of my ways. I knew to start the healing of the lands I must come clean.  It was one the hardest things for me to do.  I was sure that ChaeRi would give me a death sentence or incarcerate me.  In spite of this I met General Ferro at the north gate.  He did escort me with honor which surprised me.  I expected to be put in shackles, even though shackles or a jail cell cannot hold me.

Most who read this know what happened.  I can now move freely in Nagnang the country I love.  So you will see me occasionally.  I will always be a part of The Forsaken and Nagnang.  I will come when called to the protecton of the land and the King.  I look forward to hunting in the lands that we were given.

The best way to bring good change to Nagnang is to not work against the royalty but with the Royalty.  We still have a hard road ahead and change must happen.  I call upon the clans to learn to trust.  I did not trust ChaeRi quite, even at the time I was giving myself up.  I took a risk and put trust in him.  This time I was not betrayed.  I was given honor that I did not think I deserve.  Nagnang to help the Kingdom we must come together as one.

Everything I did I had good intentions though looking back I do have regrets.

Retired General Blight
(Protector of Nagnang)  and now also protector of the King and his daughter.