Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Blorkin
Subject :You see a note tucked into the corner
Date :11/10

 My name is Blorkin, but this isn't the name I've always been known by, I've been in these lands before, several times actually.

  -looks to the ground, kicking dirt- My past is still veiled in shadow to me, I only know few things. -Looks up and smirks- I once walked the path of riches, that I know for certain. I don't believe I gained the fortune I sought.

  That's not who I am, I can't be the same person I once was. After many hyuls, I have come back to these kingdoms. Fortune was not for me, so I left. Looking for the unseen force that guides me, though I need help, I want to know what lies in my past that drives me towards my goal.

    Signed, Blorkin

  -tucks note into the corner of the board-

 I've realized I don't have any way to post this here...
   Well,  I'm sure someone will see it...