Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Chikage
Subject :Chi, is That a Rabbit?
Date :7/5

 Gong.  Gong.

 I remember as a young child I was holding hands with my parents at a yearly festival.  The stalls were filled with various foods, toys, and different masks for children to roam around in.

 This was my year.  My mother told me.  I was a bit confused what she meant by that but she pointed at a local shrine and I saw there was a character and picture of a rabbit on the banner.

 With a strange look on my face I looked at mother for clarification.  She had told me I was born under the zodiac year of the Rabbit.  A Fire Rabbit to be exact.

 My mother told me I shared many characteristics of a fire rabbit.  I was intense and active.  Most rabbits were indecisive but I was bold and precise in my actions.  I wanted to create, build, go on adventures and be filled with exciting experiences.  The fire rabbit in me had the passion and energy to make ideas to realities.

  Since then my I never really forgot about what she told me during that festival.  I am still very much like the Firey Rabbit and wish to devote my life to the zodiac I was born under.