Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Chikage
Subject :Meditation on Destiny
Date :7/20

So what is destiny?  Is it the flash of sudden inspiration where I know what I will be doing?  I think my role in the kingdoms as an observer and someone from the background has slowly began to chip away and soon I can no longer act as I would like.

Everything happened so quick for me.  The recent turbulence in the kingdoms made me realize that perhaps I must take a step in front this time around.

After becoming the Primogen of SanSin I recruited those who believed in me even though they did not know me very well.  But never the less the believed in what I could do to give them a place called home.  From then they brought in others and together as a family we began to grow and that feeling made me open my eyes to the current world.

Another joy of mine lies in the arena and sparring fields.  I love good competitive action and with others being busy and hearing the woes from the community I felt like that in order to share that show of combat with the rest maybe I should take a step back and approach bring enjoyable bouts to them.  That is when I decided to become a carnage host.

During the meditation I thought about all the recent events that happened to me and I do accept that life is just filled with ebbs and flows and its up to the person on how they can move forward.

It pains me to see our community to be so divided.  There has been so much negativity lately that it bothers me.  Rather than crying or being angry about it, I think my conclusion is to try to be apart of the healing process.  I may not be the person who changes the community but I do hope someday I inspire the person who does bring forth a positive change.