Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Choji
Subject :Inzen Quest!~
Date :10/2
The way I started my training habits was learning about being
Neutral and learning about the Neutral paths around me. Once
I have Mastered one of my skills through Ranger I went onto
towards Barbarian then Druid. I wanted to see what kind of
skills they could offer me after what I have learned through-
out my path. Pretty much the Neutral path is all about Respect-
ing and Protecting of Nature. We uphold a different type of
role towards our mother earth. We all have different beliefs
and training on what we do within the wilderness.

After getting to know the Neutral side of me I went and moved
onto the Rogue side. I started collecting alot of things from
all the bosses I love to kill within Mythic Nexus. I started
to think of myself as a Merchant so I started seeing what
a Merchant Is like. I started teaching and got a few offers
to join another organization but I decided not to.

After learning about my Rogue side I went and expanded my
horizons onto other teachings such as Art of War and Art of
Peace, Shamanism, Life and Death, and being a Wanderer.

After everything that I have learned I will and always be
true to the path I'm In. My heart began here and will never
leave. Ranger will always be my home and training but I will
always keep an open mind about lifes experiences.

Colonel of Koguryo