Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Evangelion
Subject :<Remvoing the Self from Servitude>
Date :12/28

It has been sometime since her Highness had removed my jail markings from many Hyul's ago.  This isn't about how or why, but a post about what.

As a Do, my markings for the subpath were laid down in the Yuri's since the time of keely and Masana.  I am pleased to know what I brought to my subpath is still being practiced today whether they realize it or not.  I don't need that self-glorification of puffing my chest and say "Thank me for this."  But it simply makes me smile and quietly whisper to myself "I'm glad I could help."

Instead of being angry, I have transformed that energy into servitude for the community that I hold close with affection.  Like what the Monks taught us, our right action must match our right intention.  The Right in servitude to the community is by simply removing yourself from that equation.  For the community, there is no "I."  There is no help "me" but help "them."

I have pushed for others to grow the same way I have grown.  Not by taking the path I once took, but in a way to help them florish into leaders and total-aware individuals.  It is not gaining self-graditification from unselfishly helping others.  

If I am to help others, my name should never be mentioned.
If I am to help others, I will turn down any recognition.
If I am to help others, I do it for love for others.

I was tasked with helping five people but I do not think it should stop there.  We as a community need to stop holding forms of elitism and social hierarchies and come together with the small community we have.  To lend out our hand to our fellow countrymen and help those who are already helping themselves.

I won't mention names as a way to count my trophies but for those I have helped in the past, I do not ask for thanks but rather you pass that good deed with good intention to another.  Do it with humility and remember to do it with intentions that remove the self from it.

Former Do Master