Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :FarmHand
Subject :Letter from Haso
Date :3/28
*as he farms the fertile woodlands soil, he finds a tattered note. Some ink is faded but it is still legible. The farm hand meticulously removes the roots that have grown to tangle the worn parchment. After reading its contents, he decides it would be best for the original recipients to read the letter. He takes a long walk and posts it outside the Nangen palace walls*


Citizens of Nagnang,

     It is time I come clean. my beloved nagnang, I have burned with anger and hatred towards the royals and nobles long enough. It is time I disband the rebellion group known as the Night Shadow and move on to recovering and getting better.

      Am I ill? Perhaps. This combination of hate and envy has driven me mad to the point of hallucination. Last time I was captured and thrown in the koguryan went cells is when it started to unwind. I relived some experiences and realized what I am doing is no less barbaric than what those who previously captured me have done to my people. It is time to be the bigger person and move on from terrorizing the kingdoms.

      I shall seek refuge at the top of Du mountain, where I hope to recover mentally. Should you see me roaming the kingdoms, please alert the authorities as I should not be allowed anywhere near town until I am pardoned for my foolishness. If I try to convince you otherwise, I recommend you exercise your right to ignore me.

Until [my] next [psychotic] episode.

<b>- Haso
< b>-~=- Former Freedom Fighter
< b>~^S^~ Former Slayer of Slavers
< b><-=-> Former Leader of the Night Shadow