Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :FireElement
Subject :~a note~
Date :4/16
-Notes from a reading in the wilderness-

"Thank you all for gathering here this evening.  I spent an evening wondering these lands and in doing so had a chance to reflect on my past and to show appreciation I would like to perform a reading for the future of these lands we stand upon."

Sun Trigram

The image of

---------------------      Wind
-------       -------


---------------------       Wind
-------       -------

The wilderness can often be misinterpreted in our world as a means to an end, logs are required for building, before you know it, lands become bare and animals pay the price.

The protectors of nature having clear communication in such issues such as excessive cutting, mining, and slaying of animals for meats is paramount in ensuring these lands are protected for many years to come.

-The flame dims-