Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Foxfire
Subject :  /|\ <-(|--<<
Date :2/21

<b>  = A public announcement from the Druids and Rangers =

 For many Yuris and Hyuls, the subpaths of the wilderness
 have touted neutrality and balance as sacred.

 Our alliances and affiliations of the past were dissolved
 in favor of allowing individualism while still keeping
 loyalty to the wilderness and nature itself.

 We do not believe in right or wrong, good or bad, light
 and dark; this will remain forever the core of neutrality.
 However, the neutrality of our lands has been threatened
 and we can no longer idly stand by while others try to
 capitalize on seizing that which has been designated as
 open space for all to enjoy.

 Guotie and The Forsaken have recently claimed that the
 Woodlands of Nagnang are theirs to control. They have
 taken it upon themselves to "restrict access" to people
 by taxing and penalizing adventurers who would otherwise
 enjoy this piece of nature.

 The Rangers and Druids have discussed at great length
 our relationship with neutrality and nature and have
 hereby decided to publicly denounce The Forsaken and
 their illegitimate claim to managing the Woodlands.

 We recognize the public domain of the Woodlands residing
 within the borders of Nagnang. However, we find it
 inappropriate to suddenly dictate taxes and tithes that
 only fill the coffers of The Forsaken clan.

 The Druids and Rangers officially denounce the claim and
 control of the Woodlands by The Forsaken and do not
 recognize the "convocation bill" that they have set
 forth. We encourage those who are "policed" by these
 false taxes to ignore these claims and to carry on with
 their business.

 The Druids and Rangers hope our fellow wilderness
 dwellers and other guilds and clans will join us in
 publicly denouncing The Forsaken and their illegitimate
 "control" over the Woodlands of Nagnang.


 Druid Elder Foxfire
 Ranger Elder Kittie