Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Frigga
Subject :Devotion to Cernunnos
Date :12/2
The Mighty Stag, The Horned-God, The Green Man, all names that cross the tongue when you are brought up.  But to me, you are kindred.  

I seek you out, to devote myself to you.  As you are the keeper of the seasons, so do I devote myself to all of Awen's seasons.  Much like yourself, I find myself drawn to the winter, the 'death' of the foilage.  And at spring it renews itself once again, and the cycle continues it's journey.

Each creature of this middle world, a child unto your protection.  Even I am a child of yours.  And I wish to make that bond stronger.  To seek wisdom in the lap of the Mighty Oak, carrying and looking over nature from the branches of your antlers.

But we must accept all facets of your being.  As you are also associated with the underworld.  A part of the cycle of life, most choose to overlook.  I am drawn to this phase in the cycle, respecting it, and heralding it's coming should it need assistance.  

I seek your blessing Cernunnos, I seek to hear you whisper the truths upon my ears, so that I may serve Awen better, and serve nature better.  

Please accept all that I am, for that is all I can give.