Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Guotie
Subject :Druids and Rangers
Date :3/6
To the Rangers and Druids,

I understand your concerns regarding the pending bill. However, it does bother me quite a bit that you made such strong statements without even reaching out to the Forsaken, the Convocation, the Nangen Tribunal, King ChaeRi, or myself.

I urge you to notice that the bill proposed is not law yet, and may never become law, and is open for debate had you read the very public constitution we had posted. You are more than welcome to voice concerns or suggestions but the passage of such a bill would ultimately be up to the Convocation, not myself. You could even make a threat of denouncement if the bill were to pass. I again ask you to realize that this is a period of debate. The bill has not been voted upon yet, and has and is being modified and worked upon by the Convocants.

The woodlands belonged to the Forsaken long before your circles entered our lands. King ChaeRi confirmed our ownership at the most recent Nangen defender ceremony. All are still welcome into the woodlands. However, the current Convocation seeks to protect the animal populations from overhunting and crude mass culling of the native fauna. This hardly seems like a terrible thing.

On the topic of fines, this is also another thing for the Convocants to discuss and decide, which they are. Crimes against nature and others do carry punishments and/or fines. If this is your true concern, that the Forsaken profits off of crimes, we can work on alternatives.

((On fines, I urge everyone to read the Forsaken Constitution. The last section reiterates that this is just roleplay and you do not have to pay fines or even follow the laws the Convocations set forth.))

Even with the denouncement, which I hope both circles retract at least until the bill becomes law (if it becomes law), we invite both of your circles to our hall to have an open discussion on some of the proposed resolutions and new policies we can introduce to help preserve the woodlands. I await a time and date from them so that we may set the meeting up.

Guotie Canyon, Primogen of The Forsaken, The Knight of Nagnang