Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Guotie
Subject :The Forsaken Constitution I
Date :6/17
I.) Points of Interest
A.) The Forsaken is a recognized autonomous organization of
     the indigenous Nangen people who have existed before and
    since the opening of the Nangen borders.
B.) The Forsaken have agreed to recognize ChaeRi as the
     brother of Kija and therefore recognize ChaeRi as a
     legitimate successor in the royal line of Zhou. In
     addition, The Forsaken have agreed to recognize Sutsang
     as the rightful heir to ChaeRi.
C.) The Forsaken have pledged to continue defending Nagnang
     as well attending the Nangen Tribunals in order to
     ensure good relations and smooth politics.
D.) The Forsaken have, and always will, acknowledge and
     respect General Blight as their founder regardless of
     his actions.
E.) The Forsaken have been entrusted as the caretakers of
     the woodlands by ChaeRi due to our historical
     connections to the Nangen lands.
II.) The Primogen
A.) The Forsaken is led by an individual known as the
B.) The official title of the Primogen is ". . ., Primogen
    of The Forsaken, The Knight of Nagnang." This title
     shall pass to the Primogen's successors.
C.) The position of Primogen is inherited by an individual
    of full membership within The Forsaken that is
    determined at the discretion of the outgoing Primogen
     with the consent of the Archons.
D.) In the case of an untimely death or disappearance
    ((lockdown)), a new Primogen shall be decided by means
    determined by the Archons.
E.) The Primogen has the ability to veto any action taken
     by the Convocation.
III.) Election to the Convocation
A.) The Convocation is The Forsaken's legislative body
     and shall be composed of elected Convocants.
B.) Any person of Nangen blood, regardless of their current
    residence, may vote in elections. Only full members of
    The Forsaken are eligible to be elected as a Convocant.
C.) Elections are to run for a period of seven days after a
    campaigning period of fourteen days. Individuals who
    seek to run for Convocant must notify the Primogen in
    writing at least one day before the campaigning period
    begins. The Primogen is responsible for publicly posting
     an election timeframe at least two days before the
    election season begins. The Primogen shall also prepare
    a ballot and receive the completed ballots. Votes are
    not private and will be revealed on the election results,
    which must be released on The Forsaken community board
    no later than five days after the last day of the
     election period.
D.) The individuals with the highest number of votes will
    receive seats in the Convocation. The Primogen shall
    determine who is to receive the seat in the case of
    individuals being tied for the last seat in the
E.) Convocants may be removed from their position by a vote
    within the Convocation. A minimum of 60% in the
     affirmative is required. A Convocant may also be removed
    by the Primogen, with no vote, when a Convocant fails to
    vote on two consecutive pieces of legislation or
    disappears from the land ((more than 30 days inactive
    and unregistered.))
F.) Convocants removed by Article 3, Section E shall be
     filled with a new Convocant at the sole discretion of
     the Primarch.