Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Guotie
Subject :The Forsaken Constitution II
Date :6/17
IV.) Composition of the Convocation
A.) The Convocation shall be composed of an odd-number of
    Convocants. The exact number shall be determined by the
    Primogen or statutory law before each election season
B.) The Primogen and Primarch are ineligible to receive a
     seat within the Convocation but are each entitled to a
     vote on all matters before the Convocation.
C.) The Convocation is empowered to introduce and pass laws
    as they see fit provided they do not violate the laws of
    the land.
D.) All matters arising before the Convocation shall
     require a simple majority of the votes received unless
    otherwise stated in the Constitution.
V.) Passing Legislation
A.) Bills are to be introduced on The Forsaken community
    board with the date of introduction published at the
    beginning. Bills must be posted, but may be modified
     by the author(s), for at least seven days before they
     may be submitted to the Primogen to be brought before
     the Convocation for vote.
B.) The Primogen must then post the text of the bill, along
    with a ballot, on The Forsaken community board within
     five days of receiving the submission. The ballot must
    include the voting deadline, determined by the Primogen,
    but must be no sooner than seven days away, and no
     longer than fourteen days away.
C.) Ballots are to be sent back to the Primogen before the
    voting deadline.
D.) The Primogen will then announce the outcome of the
     vote, including how Convocants voted, on The Forsaken
    community board. The Primogen will then publicly
     announce the new law on the Chronicles of the Wind.
    Both actions must be completed within five days after
     the voting deadline.
E.) Statutory laws must be codified into one document.
VI.) The Primarch
A.) The Primarch aids at the discretion of the Primogen.
     The Primogen may delegate their constitutional duties
    to The Primarch as they see fit.
B.) The Primarch is appointed at the sole discretion of
     the Primogen and may be removed from power only at the
    discretion of the Primogen.
C.) The Primarch, in the absence of the Primogen, must
     fulfill the duties of the Primogen as detailed within
    this constitution until the Primogen has returned or
    has been replaced. During such time, the Primarch will
    not be entitled a vote on matters before the
VII.) Duration of the Convocation
A.) The Convocation shall last for three months after
    Convocants are installed into their positions.
     Convocants are considered installed the day that the
    election results are posted publicly on the Chronicles
    of the Wind.
B.) The Convocation may dissolve themselves early with a
     60% vote in the affirmative.
C.) The Primogen and Primarch may dissolve the Convocation
    early by publicly declaring their justification for such
    an action.
D.) A new election season shall promptly begin In any case
     of early dissolution of the Convocation.
VIII.) Amendments
A.) Amendments to the constitution are passed through
     Article V but require that they are voted  in the
    affirmative by two consecutive sessions of the
    Convocation before becoming law.
IX.) Statements
A.) ((The Forsaken is a government simulation within the
    Kingdom of Nagnang. Our laws are purely role-play and
    can not be enforced by the in-game Justice or Archons
    systems. Those who violate the laws are allowed to join
     with The Forsaken for role-play trials and punishments,
    but it is purely role-play and by their choice. The
    role-play is purely voluntary.))
B.) ((Metagaming is considered to be detrimental to the
    simulation. We politely request that all participating
    individuals remain in character.))
C.) ((We politely ask that individuals only hold one
    position within The Forsaken Convocation so that all may