Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Guotie
Subject :Convocation: Bill 1.1 (Hunting Regulations)
Date :12/6
Introduced for debate on June 27, 2017.
Eligible for forwarding to Primogen on July 5, 2017.
Debates begin now.

Resolved here that The Woodlands, being under the control of the autonomous clan known as Forsaken, shall henceforth be restricted to public access according to the following resolutions.

<b>                          Resolution #1

That no person under the nintieth insight may enter into the woodlands without a person to guard them. Said guard must be at least the ninty-ninth insight. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a trespassing penalty of which the fine shall be one hundred units of wool to be gathered in the Woodlands by the guilty parties under the auspices of a member of The Forsaken. All Wool will go to The Forsaken to be given to clan members at an appropriate time as deemed by The Primogen.

<b>                          Resolution #2

That all creatures wandering in the woodlands are free for all to hunt as they choose providing they are killing no more than three creatures per individual. Permission for additional critters may be granted by offering a small monetary payment per kill to The Forsaken. Prices will vary, please speak with a Forsaken Representative for the appropriate pricing for the creatures you wish to hunt. Failure to comply with the law will result in a fine of ten raw Amber per creature killed. All Ambers will go to The Forsaken to be given to clan members at an appropriate time as deemed by The Primogen.

<b>                          Resolution #3

That the Caves within The Woodlands are, in addition to their natural insight restrictions, hereby also restricted thusly:

<b> A)
  No individual may venture in without an appropriate Warden.
  The penalty for this infraction shall be considered the
  same as the Trespassing Violation in Resolution #1
<b>   Addendum
  No individual may claim to be an appropriate Warden unless
  they have received the mark of approval from The Forsaken.
  The penalty for this crime shall be imprisonment for one
   week on charges of misrepresentation of oneself. At the
   discretion of the Primogen of Forsaken, additional fines
  or time may be imposed before the individual is released.
<b> B)
  In order to become a Forsaken Certified Warden for any
  individual cave in The Woodlands, a person must contact
  a willing member of Forsaken and set up a time with them
  to demonstrate that they are able to maintain the safety
  of a group of people within that cave. People are highly
  encouraged to mark down in their profiles which caves
  they have been approved for.
<b> C)
  In order to preserve the natural balance of the Woodlands,
  the Caves may henceforth only be hunted according to
  the following schedule:
    Rabbit - Any time
     Snake  - Fall
     Dog    - Spring
    Bear   - Winter
     Raheem - Summer
  Failure to comply with this law will result in a Poaching
  penalty of at least one Woodland Diary Item or monetary

<b>                          Resolution #4

That each Convocation is to hold one large event per session in the name of The Forsaken. Event details are to be determined by each Convocation but should focus around celebrating our newfound freedom and lands.

<b>                          Resolution #5

That the Primogen shall hereby be responsible for supplying the Convocation with a budget of five hundred thousand coins per planned event submitted by The Convocation. This price may be raised at the discretion of The Primogen.

Author: Sieo

((Passed resolutions shall be codified at the discretion of the Primogen provided their intent is not changed.))