Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Hira
Subject :Farewells and Goodbyes
Date :1/14

How frequent these have become.

Lands that once could barely provide enough harvest
for the folks and people that flocked to these lands.

Now we are left, with a mere memory
A faded reflection
as if we are viewing the past in sand
which disappears in our hands,

as we clinch our fist.

Raising the fist,
high to the sky.

Your close friend, may wave good-bye,
your long time rival, may say farewell

But you refuse to give in.

We will not die.

Not in my name.
Not while I'm here.

You can slash me and spear me.

We will not die.

I just cannot wait,
until you say,
farewell and goodbye.

/-/ira /-/yun-Shik
/<'urimja Chidoja