Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Hira
Subject :Shaded Eternity
Date :1/29

I can offer to buy you that garden
Where I am sure your plants will grow

What would be the use?
I could take the seeds myself and sow

In the shade of the trees
Often overlooked

There is a patch of soil
Untilled and untouched

Northeast Nagnang
The area lies

Kept by the keepers
Who hold the cloak, blade, and jewels sacred

Take your part

You know the blood is yours

You are righteous to partake

In /<'urimja spirit and lores.

Not just in spirit,
but also in heart.

Grey, shaded, and balanced...
'till death do us part.

/-/ira /-/yun-Shik
/<'urimja Chidoja