Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Hira
Subject :Fading Candlelight
Date :8/22

The candlelight is fading. The wick is near the end.

Just as grey blood is draining.

Help, you need not send.

I'm afraid I look about the kingdoms and see dust where I once saw crops. I try to get a drink at the once crowded tavern, just to find out the doors are closed for good.

Another festival, that'll do it.

Perhaps a royal hunting snakes will spur the crowd.


The snakes have already taken over.

The palace, the heavens, the realms of unspoken evil.


The snakes are in control now, as they strangle...

...the last



We don't want your ideas. We don't want your blood.

We want to die in peace so that we may live

forever. As we always will.

/-/ira /-/yun Shik
/<'urimja Chidoja