Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Hixinya
Subject :Druids & Rangers...
Date :2/28

  You do not have any jurisdiction in regards to the Woodlands. These lands are in Nagnang territory. Lets get one fact straight, our Primogen didn't "claim" the lands...they were given to The Forsaken Clan by Prince ChaeRi, so please get your facts straight before claiming that our clan has "illegitimate control over the Woodlands of NAGNANG"...that would be FAKE NEWS.

  Fortunately for you, the PROPOSED bill in regards to the Woodlands hasn't been finalzed and is still being debated by The Convocant and is subject to change. If you are concerned with the proposed bill, you should contact a member of the Convocant and perhaps you'll be able to find one who will help with a change in the proposed bill.

  Once again let me remind you that the Druids and Rangers do not get to tell the public to ignore the proposed bill. Once the bill has been finalized with whatever changes are made, they are in law and will be enforced by the appropriate authorities.

  Hope this helps clear things up.

  Peace & Love v^.^v
  Hixinya xoxo