Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :IcePixy
Subject :Augury Vision
Date :8/18
*A pink piece of parchment is pinned to the board, you begin to read the flowery script upon it...*

<b> Earlier today...

I was going about my daily duties within the kingdom, chatting with a few friends along the way when my bag began to grow warm against my side. My Obsidian Mirror had begun to heat up!

I looked around to ensure nobody was watching and quickly sat myself upon the ground with my heavy mirror held within my lap.

 As I stared into it for a moment, it's surface did it's usual smoking foginess before clearing into a murky scene. I could feel my eyes glaze over as I fell into the trance-like state and heard the following words in a clear, bell-like voice:

<b>"She looks into abyss. Darkness falls.
<b>Turmoil in the water. Wood is in distress.
<b>In the moment of despair, benevolence shall prevail."

As the final words faded, I was overcome by a feeling of euphoria before I snapped back to myself and hurriedly packed away my things. I was left wondering in a tired haze if this had anything to do with the mysterious happenings in the Western Forest of late. Regardless, my hope was unwavering as the words "Benevolence shall prevail" echoed in my ears.


My friends...Something is afoot, I fear we must tread carefully until we ascertain what may yet be headed in our direction, let our hearts not grow weary however, for we do prevail!

      *;'Sea Primarch of Oceana';*
Light Mi-Rae ~ Oracle of the Obsidian Mirror