Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :IcePixy
Subject :~ you find...
Date :12/19
a light pink note lightly scented with a floral mixture that's  sweet and a bit spicy, intrigued, you lean forward to read what it says~

Hyul 88, 12th Moon, 19th Sun, 2 a.m.

Sun - the trigram of Wind over Wood, it seemed such a simple trigram and yet in it's simplicity it is quite powerful. The wilderness seems calm and almost playful at times, quite harmless but the dangers inherent in surviving and even living in such a land requires so much more understanding of the harmony and balance necessary to do so.  Sometimes strength is needed yet at other times gentleness and caring are all that is required. I was shown that though you may be as strong as a trunk, one needs also be as pliable as a branch in the wind, the duality perfectly suited the wilderness I had seen with such fresh eyes.            

The Mirror Oracle
  Light Mi-Rae