Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Kunai
Subject :Response: Gen. Blight.
Date :6/26

  The answer is not to bow down to the Royals and
  work with them. The answer is to end the reign
  of all Royals in these lands and begin a Democracy.

   These Royal Families are worthless and do not
  represent the people. It's time we hold our
  own elections, set term limits, and give the
  power back to the People.

   If Chaeri, Lasahn, and M'hul were truly just
  and cared for their people, they would facilitate
  The creation of an elected government.
  Put an end to these fake Ministries and Royals who
  only serve their own interest and lust for power.

   I would go on, but as soon as you ask for someone
  to give up power, you've lost their attention.

   For the people right?

<b>   Written by,
<b>   A person you won't listen to.