Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Lysa
Subject :An Acolyte of Goddess Druantia
Date :2/16

When I was still but a young girl I was already very concerned with the protection of trees. I learned about the importance of them to our world and understood that my role would be to protect them, even if it costed my own life. Due to my beliefs I was granted my first and only title ~Protector of Trees~ which I carry since my early days.

Seeing my devotion to the cause, I was approached by Mystic LordDryn who taught me in the ways of the Druid. I've grown up living through his and other mystic teachings, seeking more knowledge about the nature and all it offers. Through time I met several other knowledge Druids such as Aiyana, Laneigh, Shyloh, Kiana, LunaStarling, Supply, Maejima, Caera, Foxfire, HealerofDoom and my first elder Lexuss, who I grew up admiring as my biggest role model.  Most of these Druids are gone, but they continue living in our memories.

After learning from them and seeing their legacy grow, I believe it's time for me to start passing their knowledge forward to, but to do that I must prepare myself with deep and devoted knowledge in the teachings of druidry.

In my studies I began to study more about Druantia, the Goddess of trees and fertility, also known as the Queen of Druids. Druantia is known as the eternal and knowledgeable mother, always seeking the truth and the sacred ways of the forest.

For this I feel to be a follower of Druantia, I'll seek her ways and follow her path upon to the day I'm found worthy of wearing a flower's crown that represents her protection and wisdom.

Lysa Voire