Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Marpessa
Subject :[a slightly damp journal entry]
Date :7/8

Marpessa, Waterborn
Hyul 88, 7th Moon, 7th Sun, 9p.m.

I have Mastered the Stars.
I cannot believe it.

I have watched them for so long. Always so distant and beautiful. So much like the precious white stones I see the gemcutters working with.

I was so worried that I would let Haedu down. I thought I would do something wrong and fail in the task given me. If it was not for a clansman who answered my call, I might have. I am still so new to the clan. I never expected them to help.
And yet, they did.
I can only hope that I shall beable to help another as they have helped me. To show another the same kindness.

I have a new family, in my new home. As I sit here curled against the window I can hear the waves lapping against the shore. I have never realized how peaceful the sound of the ocean is. I shall sleep tonight and dream of stars.