Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Meteu
Subject :Meteu Scouting Trip
Date :11/4
A familiar face approaches you with a fresh scroll and a bottle of brew. Rotah smiles as he motions you towards a distant flame flickering in the brush of the lush forrest. He removes the bindings of the scroll and begins to share a collection of scouting stories with you written by the nomad himself.

With a deep voice like thunder, Hyul 89, Fall, a time of changing winds..

Rotah quickly becomes disgruntled as he lifts his hands from the Iron Labyrinth chapter covered in saliva and fresh fruit stains. The binding seems to be falling apart from within, almost as if a wild creature had been gnawing on it. Slamming the book down to the wilderness soil, Rotah leaps upward and screams into the night,

<b>Meteu, you twit of a Behemoth! You and your monkey Muhyul <b>will pay for this.

[A small fart is expelled nearby as an apple core hits your head and a naked man is seen riding a warthog away in the night shade]