Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Mirfors
Subject :A New Technique!
Date :6/15
All it takes to gain massive favor with some royals is to be
blighted with referring to one's self in the third person. I
think Mirfors may try this new technique to gain more status
with certain people.

On a side note, let it be known that Mirfors shall be called
Mirfors no more. Instead, call him Unmirfors.

Unmirfors would like to thank a certain primogen for showing
him the light by magically bringing back a long-lost fellow,
then butchering his multiyuri legacy in the span of minutes.

Unmirfors may leave now.

A Proud Citizen of Koguryo

P.S. Nangens, Unmirfors feels quite sorry for you all.
     Best of luck.