Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Mondego
Subject :Scouting Trip
Date :5/11
:You notice a dripping page with jagged edges posted to the board. It smells like salt and adventure:

Journal Entry 33

I had this insatiable hunger. I couldn't escape the wonder of the open white water. I couldn't make the adventure by myself, but I knew there may be another way. I sought the help of the Rangers to the west for their scouting expertise.

When I first approached their leader, I tapped my walking staff around and asked if she provided any blind man discounts in jest, but she wasn't having it. "The wilderness is not a place for jokes, carelessness, or blind men filled with delusion. Return from where you came and beware the golden hare who seeks the flesh off your bone!"

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I was filled with determination! "I long to travel on the white river and practice my elemental devotion. I'm willing to prove my capability. Just name the task and I will prevail, I said with confidence.

I heard her bow draw back and fire into a large metal object creating an echo in the Rustic Sanctuary. An unsettling snarl grew from the distance as a rusty door swung open. I could feel an intense surge of heat growing closer and closer to me, nearly striking me with hellfire.

"The wilderness doesn't accommodate the weak, it consumes them. You are eager and I we acknowledge your courage, but a scouting trip for the blind is out of the question. Trust me Mondego, I believe in you. It's our pet dragon that doesn't...

:To be continued: