Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Mondego
Subject :The Path to Balance
Date :10/3
:The blind man attempts to write in script but he fails miserably. The rest of the letter contains small bumps which create a large symbol:

<b>                         .OOOP   _ '.
<B>                        dOOOO   (_)  \
<B>                       OOOOOb         |
<b>                       OOOOOOb.       |
<B>                       OOOOOOOOb      |
<b>                        YOO(_)OOO    /
<b>                         'OOOOOY  _.'
<b>                           '""""''

:You notice small droplets of blood line the page as if his fingers have been defeated. The locals of the village invite you to join them as they translate the braille present on the letter:

My journey to find serenity within the Tao is not what you would expect, far from a typical adventure on the open road. I've spent a lot of time in self-reflection in our study on what it means to be a Geomancer and what role I play as a mage within the kingdoms.

The Sages tell me that the Earth pulses with the push and pull from Yin and Yang, but in order to realize this potential found swirling within us, we must listen.

If I am to master my practice with the Earth element I need balance the study with the other elements.

If I am to refine my hunting practice I need look to the other paths I hunt with and learn their methods before truly mastering my own and its relationship with them.

If am to become a wise student I must perfect my studies beyond comprehension and explore the path to teaching others.

There is a duality to all things within this life.
I make this observation with my heart and it brings me peace.

Mondego of the Earth Mages