Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Mondego
Subject :Training Habits
Date :10/5
In my younger years, I spent a lot of time traversing the Tangun lands. This land was broad, packed with new encounters, even beyond the wisdom of my past lives. My guild master introduced me to new secrets each Hyul as I grew stronger, giving me the perfect opportunity to perfect the use of pestilence, static, mend wounds, and ion charge. As I became more familiar with the introductory secrets, I dared enter into the deeper parts of the land and brave the spirits of the haunted house, the dragons of the yamour cave, and the hunters of the spearmen village.

It wasn't long until I unlocked the secrets of gangrel, beast, vex, and venom. It was a time of great discovery, but also of friendship and teaching. The head instructor at the mage guild suggested I share my knowledge with the younger mages and focus my mind on grasping the secrets of a mentor. This spreading of knowledge was the start to my journey on the path of serenity and Tao.

Something I didn't note at the time, but now have a great appreciation as I attempt to refine my ability with the elemental arts, is the introduction to the elements within Tangun. Each cave has a wide landscape and different atmosphere to discover. Some are dark and flow with winding rivers, while others lack humidity and poor lava from their core. One cave, in particular, shook me to the core with great gusts of wind that struck without warning.

Surprisingly, I find it to be more difficult to find a full hunting party now then I did during my stay in Tangun. I spend most of the hunting experiences perfecting my combat ability within the Carnage Hall.

I believe unlocking my inner potential with the Inzen tools will allow me to grow my abilities as a mage and refine my combat practice far beyond my current potential. Perhaps one day I could help others realize their potential as well.

A wise Sage once told me,
To walk the path of peace and balance,
you must carry an open heart and guide others with an open mind.

Earth Mage Mondego