Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Mondego
Subject :Vision Quest
Date :11/8
The earth. It grounds me and keeps me connected to the Chi I feel moving all around us. I know of no better place to begin my meditation than the open field near my home with rubble, root, and rock. I didn't find the need to pack much on my journey because I had no intention of staying the night without completing my wilderness training with Vexlxix. If only I had known then...

As I began beating on my newly acquired inzen drums, I reached out towards the totem keys in my pack and was shown a vision.

There I was, standing in the same field in the presence of many wandering spirits. Everything was so familiar in this realm but completely different at the same time. The passing spirits looked towards me as if they were waiting for something. I'm not sure what exactly though. It's worth noting that my vision is withdrawn on our plain of existence. In retrospect, I may not have been in the realm in physical form. It may be entirely possible that I visited through other spiritual means.

I reached out to speak with them, but the earth began to rumble profusely. My vision began to cloud again until it was taken altogether. I was back in the field where it all began with a gigantic earth mole carving a tunnel below me with its claws. Unknown to most, it would be easy to presume an earthquake was occurring.

I had been gone so long the warmth of the sun had gone and I was left to return with my service dog in the early hours of the morning with empty stomach, dry mouth, and an eye full of vision.

Earth Mage Mondego