Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Pohwaran
Subject :The Poh-eep Way?
Date :7/5

  One day I look forward to being the keeper of balance.

  But that one day will come some day.

  In Poh's way by Poh's Way.

  While I was dreaming about past lives and butterflies I often find myself wandering around the wilderness with the flock of sheep.  I dream of sheep often.  Maybe I am a sheep inside?

  Sheep are so fluffy and cute.  I wish to open a tea house with sheep!  A Sheep Tea House would be a great hit!  My love for tea and sheep would be a two in one equals three.

  So why do I write about sheep?  I simply adore them.  In this cycle of balance sheep are mainly used for their wool to help provide others.  They constantly lose their fluff to help others and soon gain it back and become fluff monsters again.

 Fluff then de-fluffed.  
 The life on a sheep.  
 The sheeps the leap from street to street in my dreams.  

 Pohwaran shall be known as the Sheep in Human Clothing.