Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Rasputin
Subject :Horse Devotion
Date :7/20
In the middle of the wilderness , i heard clattering the foot of a horse
Rhythmic foot of a horse that unsteadily, pliant
A black horse stepped in calm gaze of my eyes
But in peace constant
His feet capable of pounce lunge

Pouncing green desire who dances
Crashing green desire overabundance
In any his steps

And horse was silent, bent
Does not want to greet with these looks my eyes
Gusty wind does not want to move among
Clear water , does not want to behave as though it is
Sparked fire who secretly, shouting
Hope that could mean

Tranquillity in my heart is able to interact when the horse looked at me
Inner and our souls mingled each other unite, as if we are to do on the receiving end
In an involuntary , a horse who looks wild has changed limp, my heart quiet have anesthetized
That is how i was feeling more peace and quiet, for reason I would like to devote myself on horseback.

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