Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Sahara
Subject :Raven Devotion
Date :3/11

My entire life i have been sensitive to energy.
 Either coming from interations with live individuals
 and being able to read or feel their intentions,
 or from presents around me that are in the afterlife
 still lingering in this world.
I dont see them but I feel them and talk to them,
 they don't talk back..I just feel their intentions.
Only recently have been able to accept this as a gift
 or understand that this is not normal.

Few days ago as I walked in the wilderness land,
 a large raven was standing there in my path.

 We lock eyes..and I speak loudly, "What is it?"
..It caws twice, becomes timid..
 I repeat myself and it caws again and takes off.

Raven is a messanger from another world.
I believe his presence for me is that I'm about to
receive secret knowledge, so I decided to engage with
the Raven.

                              - Sahara -