Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Sieo
Subject :Contributor of Joy - Phiirosan
Date :2/21
To whom it may concern,

There are those in these lands who enhance the experience of others by hosting grand events and bringing a bit of entertainment to their lives.

Phiirosan is not one of these people.

Instead, Phiirosan hawks for and attends the events of others and has fun but also slips in a number of additional experiences for the other people playing just by being himself. On top of that, I have also witnessed him on several occassions slip extra prizes to event hosts to increase the event population or reward people for giving their time.

As if that weren't enough, Phiirosan also gives much of his time, energy, and coin to assisting people with things like Alliances and other San trials, thereby enhancing the strength of the community as a whole.

For all these reasons and more, I am proud to bestow upon Phiirosan the Diviner Legend Mark of "Contributor of Joy".

-Sieo Bijeon
Diviner Guide
Primogen of Forsaken
The Knight of Nagnang