Board :Chronicles of the Winds
Author :Southwood
Subject :Augury Vision
Date :8/17
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[a ripped paper hangs in the wind]

There is a woman across the riverbed staring back at me.  Its dusk and I'm cheerful yet suddenly lost in emotion.  Darkness falls much quicker than a normal dusk.  What does this mean?  Why does day become night in an instance?

The water begins to bubble due to heat.  How does the water boil so quickly....what is happening?  Is this a vision? [he asks himself]

A Diviner or mage has learned that a moment is not a testament to the longevity of the future.  Haste makes waste...time is of the utmost importance.  Do not make rash descisions or you may be a folly of your own ignorance.  Benevolence makes Benny wanna jet.

~~Grey Mi-Rae~~
~~~Prior Royal Diviner of Koguryo~